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Jet Skiing and More in Ko Samui, Thailand

Once Jason and I started living abroad, Thailand was the first country we visited during our vacation period. I had always had a deep desire to travel to Thailand. I had heard Thailand was amazing and so exotic with beautiful beaches. It sounded like paradise. During our initial visit to Thailand we stayed in Bangkok for a few days, and then took a one hour flight to Ko Samui.



Ko Samui was our first real beach experience and it was wonderful. The sand was soft and the water was great for swimming.


It was at Ko Samui, we did jet skiing for the first time! Driving the jet ski in the deep waters away from the shore, was thrilling. I must admit however, the ride was also very bumpy and a bit scary for me. But, I survived our very first water sports adventure in Thailand!


In the evening, tables were set up on the beach for dinner. Having a candlelit dinner and hearing the sounds of the ocean, on a warm summer evening was so romantic and relaxing.

For me, Thailand was and continues to be a slice of paradise! It definitely is one my favorite countries in the world.

A Slice of Paradise: Malaysia’s Perhentian Islands



The Perhentian Islands near Malaysia’s northeast coast are a slice of heavenly paradise. These are photos of long beach on Perhentian Kecil, the smaller of the two Perhentian islands. Long beach was mostly popular among the backpacking crowd due to the cheap accommodations and nightlife. The sand was soft, and the water was turquoise blue with excellent visibility. The water was perfect for swimming.


This is the bungalow we rented during our stay at the beach. Although the accommodations were not luxurious, the location was excellent. We were literally on the beach. During our stay here, we encountered this monitor lizard that occasionally would crawl under our bungalow. As of now, Long beach at Perhentian Kecil has been our favorite beach in Malaysia.


The Gorgoreous Kuang Si Falls of Laos


After a long and hot day of trekking in the jungles around Luang Prabang, Laos, our guide took us to the gorgeous Kuang Si Falls. This 3 tier waterfall and its surroundings were so incredibly enchanting that I felt I was in paradise. It was beautiful how the white water cascaded down from the shallow pools high above and gathered in the numerous turquoise blue pools. The natural rocks and trees amid the waterfall also added to its beauty.

As I stepped into one of the pools, I was surprised by the water’s temperature. It was very cold. Despite it being a very hot day, I was only able to swim and play around the pools for a very short time because it was freezing! I have to admit, the short time I did spend in the pools was one of the greatest experiences I had swimming in nature.


These two photographs only show a small portion of the entire Kuang Si Falls. To really appreciate all its beauty, one definitely needs to see the waterfall in person. I would highly recommend a stop at the Kuang Si Falls, if you happen to be traveling in Laos.