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The Great Pyramids of Egypt: A Dream Come True!



My heart was racing with excitement as we stepped out of our taxi. We were in Cairo, and we were finally going to see the Great Pyramids of Egypt! In my senior year of university, I remember sitting in my Ancient Egypt class, daydreaming of the day when I would actually visit the Great Pyramids for myself. At that moment, I promised myself that I would somehow figure out a way to get myself to these ancient marvels. And now, I was standing infront of them in awe. They were beautiful and it was a dream come true!


Visiting the Great Pyramids was a thrilling experience for me in many ways. For one, I was able to crawl inside the pyramids and eventually end up at the heart of the pyramid–the tomb. Having studied the Ancient Egyptian history for a whole year, I knew the value and historical importance of these wonders. Thus, the experience of visiting the pyramids was that much more meaningful to me.


It was also wonderful to have experienced one of the greatest wonders of the ancient world with my best friend, Jason. Moreover, this was also the first time, I had ever ridden a camel. What better place to ride a camel then in the desert, right next to the Great Pyramids? It was perfect!

The Endless Sahara Desert of Egypt



With not even a map in hand, Jason and I walked slowly through the Sahara Desert. For hours, we saw nobody except endless sand and dunes. Walking up the dunes was hard but fun. The curiosity of seeing what was on the other side of the dune was more than enough motivation to keep moving forward. Once at the top, I felt something really beautiful. It was a sense of freedom. It felt like we were the only survivors on the planet. There were no people or footprints to be found anywhere. The feeling of being surrounded by so much space and the beautiful soft sand of the desert was freeing.