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Parasailing in Borcay, Philippines


The beauty of traveling is you never know what unplanned adventures you may have an opportunity to experience. We never really thought about parasailing until we were in Borcay, Philippines. This touristy beach destination had various outdoor activities including parasailing set up for the adventurous. Soaring high in the sky while being harnessed to a parasail, which would be towed by a speeding motorboat, sounded awesome. We were thrilled.


After being fastened into our harnesses, we slowly drifted up into the sky. Eventually we were high above the waters, having a bird’s eye view of Borcay. I have to admit we were both expecting to experience an adrenaline rush. Instead we had a calm and relaxing ride. Not all adventures turn out to be as you expect. Although the views from above were beautiful, parasailing was not too exciting for us. If you are looking for an adrenaline pumping activity, parasailing would not be high on my recommendation list.

Horseback Riding in Udiapur, India


Our first trip to India was only for 2 weeks. During this trip we managed to make our way to Udiapur. This city, which has become a very popular tourist destination, is located in the state of Rajasthan in western India. Although Lake Pichola, the artificial fresh water lake, and the Lake Palace were beautiful, our most memorable experience was doing horseback riding for the first time ever in Udiapur’s countryside.


We were given a quick lesson on how to guide our horses. Once were we seated on our horses, we rode through some villages. The villagers were so happy to see us riding the horses and were waving at us with such joy.

We rode the our horses for a few hours. I didn’t want the journey to end. I particularly liked the horseback riding because it was a very relaxing way of viewing the beautiful and peaceful countryside. It was also nice to escape from India’s hectic and crowded city life for a bit. Lastly, the villagers left a real impression on me. I was awed by villagers’ happiness and good spirits despite their state of poverty.