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The Prisoner

Rolling Without Fear

The Beauty of Hiking in South Korea

4th Prize

Imagine Your Korea Video Contest (2014)

My Favourite Korean Food

Prize Winner

Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs Video Contest​ (2013)

I am always fascinated by a great story. I now present a series, where I interview some unique personalities, who have an interesting story to share.

The Prisoner

While doing a 4 day motorbike excursion around central Laos, I eventually reached one of the most isolated and distant villages in the Bolaven Plateau. It was a village, where inhabitants believed in the power of black magic and animism. I met a young 31 year old man named Hook. He shared his world and I became fascinated with his story.

♦ Featured at the Emerging Lens Film Festival (2019)

Rewriting Old Beliefs

Rolling Without Fear

The Mecca of Plastic Surgery

This is a series I have created to illustrate my experiences while traveling and living abroad.

The Wonderful People of Japan

For me, traveling is not only about seeing historic sights and trying the cuisine, but it is also about meeting the people. Japan is an exotic country with all kinds of wonderful people. During our 3 day trip to Japan this year, we had the pleasure of meeting various artists, children, entertainers, vendors, chefs and a lot more. Enjoy this short video and please subscribe to my YouTube channel for future travel videos!

Taiwan’s Beehive Fireworks Festival

 A Day In Nara, Japan

Korea’s Garden of Morning Calm

Videos for Canada Ball Hockey Korea, Korea’s #1 ball hockey league.

The Captains Speak Up

Get an insight into the thoughts, opinions, and personalities of some of the amazing captains at CBHK!

3 Questions with Craig Grillanda

 CBHK: The Rookies

3 Questions with John Giacomazzi

A series which I use as a means to express my thoughts about my personal life and travel experiences.

Why Did I Start Travelling?

I am very pleased to introduce my newest series called, “A Butterfly’s Insights.” This platform will be used to express my thoughts about my personal life and travels. I hope to connect with you on a deeper level through my stories and insights. For my very first episode, I dive into why I started traveling.

How I Started Travelling…

Travelling the World for One Year!

The World Trip Continues