Published Works

Photography of Sudan: “On the Nile Riverside” Exhibition

September 2013

A Wonder: The Human Body

August 2013

Sex Slaves: The “Comfort” Women Museum

July 2013 

DMZ: Photography: 60 Years

May 2013

Art+Toy: The Work of Michael Lau

April 2013

3D Black Art

March 2013

Tim Burton at SEMA

February 2013

Swarovski’s Sparkling Secrets

January 2013

Van Gogh in Paris: A Dialogue with Modernism

December 2012

Romantic Night Views


December 2012

The Deoksugung Project Exhibition

November 2012

Steve McCurry – Between Darkness and Light

October 2012

The Soul of Chun Kyung-ja

September 2012

A Master of Photojournalism: Henri Cartier-Bresson

August 2012

The Louvre: Myths and Legends

July 2012

Images of Silence

June 2012

Flavors from the Heart

March 2012

Stickin’ With It

January 2014

Rubber Seoul

November 2012

Are You Lonely, Too?


February 2012

South Asian Focus

A New Look At Marriage

December 2011

Parents Stay Supportive

July 2011

Seoul’s Invigorating Nightlife

March 2014