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Chivalry in Old Age

Old couple

We were dining at a restaurant in Gunung Mulu National Park in Borneo, Malaysia, when I noticed this lovely couple. A few moments before I took the picture, the elderly man had opened
a soda can for his wife. It was such an adorable and cute act of chivalry. What a gentleman! And of course, what a lucky lady!

Seeing Wild Orangutans in Borneo, Malaysia!


Orangutan and baby

Watching wild orangutans swinging and eating in the rainforest was an incredible experience. With no bars between us and the orangutans and having heard stories of them attacking some visitors in the past, I felt a bit anxious. However despite the fear, I was more excited to see these incredible animals. It was lovely to see them roaming around so freely and happily. I particularly loved seeing the baby orangutan with its mother. It was so cute!