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Parasailing in Borcay, Philippines


The beauty of traveling is you never know what unplanned adventures you may have an opportunity to experience. We never really thought about parasailing until we were in Borcay, Philippines. This touristy beach destination had various outdoor activities including parasailing set up for the adventurous. Soaring high in the sky while being harnessed to a parasail, which would be towed by a speeding motorboat, sounded awesome. We were thrilled.


After being fastened into our harnesses, we slowly drifted up into the sky. Eventually we were high above the waters, having a bird’s eye view of Borcay. I have to admit we were both expecting to experience an adrenaline rush. Instead we had a calm and relaxing ride. Not all adventures turn out to be as you expect. Although the views from above were beautiful, parasailing was not too exciting for us. If you are looking for an adrenaline pumping activity, parasailing would not be high on my recommendation list.

Elephant Bathing in Laos!

Riding an elephant is fun. But, what’s better is riding an elephant into a river! This adventure was one of my highlights in Laos. It was just incredibly fun! At first, it was a huge physical challenge for me to get on the elephant. Watch the video below and you will see. Then, to ride an elephant without really holding on to anything secure was also another challenge. But, it was an exciting challenge! Eventually, I managed to sit on the elephant. My guide taught me an instruction to yell at the elephant so he would move forward. Of course, the elephant never listened to me no matter how loud I yelled. It was funny. Without hesitation however, the elephant moved forward upon my guide’s instructions.

Now for the scariest part of all! As the elephant was moving forward into the water, I had no idea about the depth of the water. I wasn’t even sure what the elephant was going to do. Would it try to throw me off its back and into the water? It was definitely acting unpredictable. With every step the elephant took into the water, I was beginning to slide forward due to the decline. And my adrenaline was definitely pumping!

Once the elephant was more than half immersed into the water, I thought the scary part was over. As I began to relax, I realized what an amazing feeling it was to be sitting on an such a large animal while being in a lake. I felt tiny and vulnerable, but happy. However moments later, due to my guide’s commands, the elephant began dipping its head forward with the intention of trying to throw me into the water. But, I was too quick and held onto the elephant. The joke ended up being on the guide himself because it was him who fell into the water later!



Jason joins us for an elephant ride!


Jason is trying to steady himself on the elephant’s back.


Oh no, both Jason and our guide fell into the water because the elephant pushed them off his back!

As for the bathing part, well let’s us say we didn’t really do much except wash the elephant with some water. It was really more about having fun with the elephant in the water. Indeed, a wonderful experience!

Wild Whitewater Rafting in South Korea

The first time Jason and I ever went rafting was in the Naerincheon Stream of Inje, South Korea. Back in Canada, I had always had a strong desire to try my hand at rafting. Unfortunately, the opportunity never arose. When we came to Korea, it was definitely the beginning of a new and adventurous chapter in our lives! The first big adventure we embarked on was rafting. We met some really nice Koreans, who also shared the same enthusiasm for adrenaline-pumping activities like us. Our rafting instructor was an extremely fun, knowledgeable and entertaining guide.


The Naerincheon Stream has some of the best rapids and surrounding landscapes in South Korea. The quality of rapids are so amazing, that the stream was chosen as the location for the 2007 World Rafting Competition.



As we rode the waves down this magnificent stream, we enjoyed the white waters as well as the beautiful nature. Our rafting trip could not have been better. It was extremely fun. It was one of the best outdoor activities we had ever done!