A Butterfly’s Insights


Welcome to my newest series. I am excited to use this platform as a means to express my thoughts about travel, culture, and life abroad. I hope to connect with you on a deeper level as I share my insights with you.

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The Journey Unveiled


In this series, I detail some of the great things I’ve seen and experienced through my travels. My debut video about my favourite Korean food won me a prize in a contest from the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I recently claimed 4th prize in the Imagine Your Korea video contest with my piece on hiking in Korea. I hope you enjoy these and many more adventures I share from around the world.

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Human Stories Unveiled


I created a brand new series that highlights unique and interesting accounts of unique and interesting people. I really think this series is worth keeping an eye on because it will explore the world through the eyes of individuals you might not encounter in your daily life.

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I began shooting videos with the CBHK, a recreational ball hockey league in Seoul, Korea. Thanks to the support and kindness from many of the league members, I have been able to develop my unique style and skills. Shooting with them has been a lot of fun, and you can check out all the videos with them here.


Groove Korea


Having previously written articles for Groove Magazine in Korea (check them out here!), I decided to venture into making videos to help expand their media presence. Creating videos for one of Korea’s top English language magazines was a rewarding challenge, giving me the opportunity to interact with people and cultivate a professional appearance.

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YouTube Channel


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