Is Loneliness Really That Bad?


While walking around the park during my lunch break, I noticed this little girl, amid the towering trees.  It made me wonder, whether she was depressed or simply enjoying her own company.  Loneliness is often viewed in a negative light by many.  But I think a person who can enjoy their own solitude is a strong-minded person.  What do you think about loneliness?

2 thoughts on “Is Loneliness Really That Bad?

  1. The difference between alone and lonely is misunderstood by many. Being alone can be lonely, but you can be lonely in a crowded room too. Being creative with your alone time can open new doors and allow you not be lonely on those days when you want company.

  2. A person who is truly comfortable with who they are certainly may enjoy the state of loneliness. During time of solitude, one can appreciate and engage in activities or transcend into a mindset that provides them with happiness and bliss. I believe loneliness can even atest to one’s ability to express themselves through creative means, whether it’s about painting a picture or playing video games. Loneliness is a healthy and necessary state of being or outlet, which every person should recognize and utilize as a way of seeing a part of themselves that exists deep within.

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