The Most Beautiful Temple in Taiwan

The first time we ever visited Taiwan, we only had 5 days to see some of the highlights this country had to offer. So, we decided it would be best to just explore the capital, Taipei. It poured rain every single day we were there! However amazingly, we had an awesome time! The people were extremely nice, the food was very delicious, and the tourist attractions were definitely worth a visit. We told ourselves, if we ever wanted to teach English in a different country besides Korea, we would do it in Taiwan. After our one year World Trip, we made our dream come true by living in Taiwan for a year.



Now, after visiting the various temples throughout the country, I definitely think the Mengjia Longshan Temple in Taipei, is the most beautiful temple in Taiwan. This temple is an excellent example of Taiwanese classical architecture that has southern Chinese influences. The first time I saw it was during our initial trip to Taipei and the temple looked gorgeous among the crowds of people holding colourful umbrellas.


The intricate designs inside and outside the temple make it very special. The rooftops of the temple are decorated with various serpents and animals.


The main shrine inside the temple is highly ornate and thus beautiful. Devotees pray to both Buddhist and Taoist deities at this temple.


Lanterns are hung within corridors that have extensively elaborate carvings on the ceiling.



There are unique and beautiful fountains and waterfalls found on the outdoor grounds of the temple.


Video: Crowds of worshippers gather at Mengjia Longshan Temple during the Lunar New Year.

Taiwan’s Natural Wonder: The Taroko Gorge

The Taroko Gorge is a 19 km long canyon located in Taroko National Park, one of Taiwan’s eight national parks. Most visitors either ride a bike or scooter to visit the most attractive areas of the gorge. However, we decided to spend a day walking along the paved road and hiking trails to see all the highlights of this magnificent natural wonder.




The main hiking trail we followed was called the Shakadang Trail. It was one of the most beautiful parts of the gorge. The scenic views of white rocks within the clear turquoise waters and the ubiquitous green trees were breathtakingly gorgeous.


Along the way, we also saw this huge spider and tiny frog!




We really enjoyed our day at Taroko Gorge. But, after walking all day, we were fairly exhausted by the end of our trip.

Incredible Sand Sculptures at Fulong Beach, Taiwan

Every year since 2008, the Fulong Sand Sculpture Art Festival has been held at Fulong beach in Taiwan. According to the World Sand Sculpting Association, this 3km stretch of golden sand has highly adhesive qualities, which make it the best beach in Taiwan for sand sculpting.

In Canada, I had seen a handful of ice sculptures before. However, this was the first time I had visited an exhibition of sand sculptures. I had always been impressed by the ice sculptures I had seen back in Canada, but upon seeing the sand sculptures I was overly impressed. The details and creativity of each display were incredible. I couldn’t believe the artists had succeeded in creating such beautifully stunning sculptures out of sand!

It was a delight to spend the afternoon strolling along the beach and simply admiring all the fantastic sand sculptures. Below, I have photos of some of my favorite sand sculptures. I would highly recommend this festival if you happen to be in Taiwan during May/June.



IMG_1896 (2)


IMG_1853 (2)

The Towering Taipei 101


This was the view of the sunrise from our rooftop in Taipei, Taiwan. I have seen many beautiful buildings, and one of my favorites is Taipei 101. I simply love the design of this building. It looks even more spectacular during New Year’s Eve, when fireworks shoot off the building in all directions. For nearly a year, I was fortunate enough to admire this architectural beauty daily, not only from my rooftop but also on the subway ride to and from work. What is your favorite building in the world?


Bubble GIrl

Despite all the chaos around her, this little Taiwanese girl is truly captivated by a sense of happiness. She is lost in the magical and beautiful world of bubbles. Bubbles are pretty awesome and fun! What intrigues you to become so happy like this little girl?

Filipino Caregivers in Taiwan: A Common Sight

A tired man in a wheel-chair and his exhausted caregiver take a rest on a warm day in January. Like this Filipino woman, hundreds of other Filipino immigrants flock to Taiwan to find jobs as caregivers. Separated miles away from their own families, these Filipino women try to survive to make ends meet.

Is Loneliness Really That Bad?


While walking around the park during my lunch break, I noticed this little girl, amid the towering trees.  It made me wonder, whether she was depressed or simply enjoying her own company.  Loneliness is often viewed in a negative light by many.  But I think a person who can enjoy their own solitude is a strong-minded person.  What do you think about loneliness?