About Me


My name is Rajnesh Sharma, and I am involved in all things media.


I am a writer, journalist, videographer, and so much more.  I am interested in discovering the stories behind the most interesting people, places and things and trying to share them with the world. These stories not only allow us to discover the world through a fresh set of eyes, but more importantly, to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves.

Currently, I live in Seoul, South Korea.  I write a monthly art column in 10 magazine, and I occasionally write articles for Groove magazine.  They are 2 of the biggest English language magazines in the country.  I also do special video work for Groove and CBHK, a local ball hockey league.  Recently, I also joined the cast of Sports Weekend, an English language radio show about both Korean and international sports.

Even with all these projects, I still find time travel around the world.  I have been through Europe and the Middle East and traveled extensively in Asia.  These travel opportunities have allowed me to open my eyes and experience so many  new and wonderful things.  Traveling has provided me with the inspiration to pursue my dream to share the world’s stories.