Rajnesh Sharma

Rajnesh Sharma

Filmmaker / Video-Journalist

Rajnesh Sharma is a Canadian filmmaker and video-journalist, who has extensively traveled the world to experience various cultures. She has lived and worked internationally over the past decade, meeting and interviewing some fascinating personalities. She is interested in discovering the world through different perspectives and sharing stories that provide insights into the human condition.

Latest Videos

The Prisoner

In the spring of 2016, while doing a 4 day motorbike excursion around central Laos, we eventually reached one of the most isolated and distant villages in the Bolaven Plateau. It was a village, where inhabitants believed in the power of black magic and animism. We met a young 31 year old man named Hook. He shared his world and I became fascinated with his story.

This is a story about a struggle that I am sure many of us have dealt with, are dealing with or will deal with in the future; the struggle of tradition vs self . It is also a film showing the powerful influence a culture has on an individual’s psyche.

Rewriting Old Beliefs

Jamie’s story is both inspirational and powerful. This thought provoking film illustrates the importance of questioning your self beliefs. It also hints at the potential of creating new self beliefs and thus rewriting one’s life story.

Rolling Without Fear

Fear is something that may stop people from achieving their goals. However, for Thiruvarangan Thirunimalan, despite his disability he continues to overcome obstacles and live his travel dream.